Like many therapists, I discovered the transformative power of counseling through my own sessions with a therapist as a young person. However, it was my friends who spoke candidly about their marital counseling that brought me the realization of how we see ourselves clearly in the reflection of another, and the exciting possibilities this work has for us.

For those who seek marriage counseling there is so much at stake. Undoubtably our children and a wide net of friends and family are affected by a bad marriage. However, when we are in a healthy relationship, we feel secure and grounded enough to become the person we have the potential to be. In other words, a great partnership challenges you to be a far better individual.

I have a background in classical music, with performance degrees from Indiana University and the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Studies have shown that performing musicians have training to stay focused in the moment, and I believe that has been very important in my work with clients.

I have lived in Fort Wayne for over 20 years, and am married to a great guy who owns his own business. My daughter and son are teenagers, and we are busy with lessons, friends, and pets.